Leading The Way in Forestry & Vegetation Management

With the advantage of a management team with over 50 years of forestry site processing, Tier 1 Major-Project contracting and site clearance experience, we can offer our customers and clients unrivalled expertise in land clearance, support services to forestry, mulching and ecological works.

The largest fleet of specialist mulching equipment in the UK.  Offering efficient vegetation clearance and site clearance nationwide.  Our fleet includes AHWI – Prinoth tracked mulchers up to 600hp.  Excavator power-pack mulchers up to 440hp. Specialist forestry excavators and attachments, tracked slow-speed shredders, mobile incinerators. Excavator and mulcher-mounted stump grinders up to 440hp.  

 We offer contract works, priced lump-sum work and all of our equipment fleet is available FOR HIRE Nationwide.

Ecological Services

Kingwell Holdings offer a range of ecological solutions from wildlife fencing to sensitive tree removal.

Site Clearance

Kingwell Holdings have a large range of heavy duty forestry machinery to tackle any sized site clearance with ease.

Tree Clearance

Our highly trained and skilled operatives carry out mechanically assisted and manual tree felling.

Stump Removal

The largest and most powerful stump grinders in the UK, large-scale and difficult stump grinding is our speciality

With our Large Hire Fleet We Have a Machine for Every Application!

The Largest Selection of Heavy Duty Exacavator Mulchers & Flails for Hire in The UK

We operate a large variety of machines, including purpose-built tracked mulchers, excavator-based power-packs and excavator forestry flails – capable of tackling any type of trees or vegetation clearance and any type of site conditions.  With over 50 years of combined experience in forestry, arboriculture and land clearance, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a machine suitable for your needs.  As well as advice on methods and pricing of all site clearance work if required.

  • Air burner – Diseased Rhododendron Destruction
  • RT400 2015 Model
  • Morbark HT1684 Tracked Shredder
  • Hitachi Excavator Stump Grinder

Client Testimonials

NEW: AWHI – Prinoth Raptor 500 Forestry Mulcher

AHWI – Prinoth Forestry Mulcher Hire UK

Along with our AHWI – Prinoth RT400 and AHWI – Prinoth 800 tracked forestry mulchers, we have now added an AHWI – Prinoth Raptor 500 to our fleet.
Available for hire with skilled site clearance operators throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.


Durable efficient machines that tackle large timber with ease