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When a site requires tree clearance the safest and most efficient way is through mechanical felling. Mechanical felling allows the arborist to remove the tree in one whole piece. After the tree has been safely taken down the tree is then mulched and the stump and root ball as well as any other remains from the tree are then excavated.

Our Arboriculture Consultant has the capability to conduct thorough tree surveys before work starts, to ensure that only those trees that need to be felled are removed and that there is adequate Tree Protection for the trees being retained. Click here for their CV that provides further details.

There are certain situations where the terrain that needs to be cleared is not suitable for mechanical felling, when this is the case the tree can be felled manually.

The waste material from the tree can either be incorporated in topsoil (an excellent option) or if you do not have a need for topsoil it can be transported to a facility to be used for biomass fuel. Both of which are highly practical and environmentally friendly option.

large scale tree clearance project

large scale tree clearance project

Large scale tree clearance project

Kingwell Holdings has 30 years of experience in tree clearance throughout the UK. Our highly qualified and experienced team of licensed arborists and environmental engineers will ensure that your tree clearance job is fully completed to the highest of standards in a timely and professional manner.