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Wherever possible, using a mechanical means for tree clearance is the safest and most efficient option on any site.  Small trees are felled whole and larger trees can be dismantled, prior to being processed by mulcher, shredder or whole-tree chipper.
After the tree has been removed, the stump can be excavated and mulched or shredded, or it can be stump ground in-situ. We specialise in processing stumps contaminated with metal, concrete and fencing.

Where mechanical felling methods cannot be deployed, our fully-qualified and experienced arborists can be used.  Therefore enabling us to safely dismantle even the largest trees, wherever they are growing.


Our qualified Arboricultural Consultant can advise clients on the most appropriate methods for each individual site, as well as being able to conduct extensive tree surveys and inspections, prior to any works commencing. We are familiar with and fully comply with, all TPO and Felling Licence legislation.

After any useable timber products have been recovered for recycling, leftover material from clearance operations can be mulched into a fine compost-like material.  This can be incorporated into site soils as an improver, used as landscape cover/compost or chipped and removed from site, to be used as biofuel.

large scale tree clearance project

Large scale tree clearance project

Mechanical and manual felling

Kingwell Holdings have a combined experience of 50 years in tree clearance throughout the UK. Our highly qualified and experienced team of licensed arborists and environmental engineers will ensure that your tree clearance project is completed safely, on-time and to the very highest professional standards