Largest Stump Grinders in the UK

  • Hitachi Excavator Stump Grinders
  • AHWI – Prinoth Mounted Custom Built Grinder
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Powerful and Versatile Our Stump Grinders handle any sized job with ease!

AHWI – Prinoth RT400-mounted stump grinder

The most powerful stump grinder in the UK, this 440hp monster is the fastest way to remove large numbers of stumps on construction site clearances and forestry plantations. Grinding the largest stumps right out to bare soil in minutes and with the ability to work in aggressive and abrasive soil types, mounded and steep sites, this machine is simply unbeatable for efficiency and speed. For forestry planting and re-stock sites, this grinder can also be used to “strip-rotovate” 90cm wide planting rows through deep brash and stumps – enabling planting that minimises deer predation and maximises take-up for new planting – without having to conventionally mulch the entire site area. This enables highly-efficient planting in rows, with deep-rotovated growth zones, as well as minimising silt and soil run-off in areas of high rainfall, or where retention of brash on site is desirable for other ecological or practical reasons.


Hitachi Power Pack Excavator Stump Grinder

Hitachi Zaxis 225USRLC with 200HP second engine powerpack with AHWI SF1100H Stump Grinder head and 360 degree Rototilt rotator.

This reduced tail-swing machine weighs only 22ton, but has 200HP for just the grinder head.

Equipped with quick-change carbide-tipped hammers, this machine is ideal for any size stumps.

Hitachi Excavator Stump Grinder
Hitachi Excavator Stump Grinder
Long reach makes awkward stumps across ditches and embankments easy work
Long reach makes awkward stumps across ditches and embankments easy work

The Rototilt allows the grinder to reach almost any angle from steep inclines to awkward banks and ditches and is particularly suited for hard to reach stumps across obstacles or on sloping ground.

Fully forestry guarded and equipped for night working.

Supplied with 800mm wide track pads and forestry track guards, this mulcher can also be supplied with 1.6M wide track pads for work on soft peat or wet ground.

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