Nationwide site clearance services

  • 50 Years Experience in Site Clearance
  • Range of Specialised Forestry Machinery
  • Qualified and Professional Operatives
  • Environmentally Focused Approach

Clearing sites of trees, vegetation and stumps is often an essential task, before most other works can proceed

With stringent ecological and planning controls, efficient and legally-compliant site clearance is an operation that is essential to any project.  One that should be given the highest priority to avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs.

We carry out safe and efficient clearance and processing of trees, vegetation and stumps, with our fleet of powerful and highly specialised equipment.  These include mulchers, shredders, forestry-protected excavators and a range of attachments, such as tree shears, flail heads, grapples and hydraulic stump splitters. 

All of this equipment is driven by experienced and qualified professional operators, who are safety-conscious and experienced in every type of work-site environment. 

Behind all this, is a client-focussed management team, that ensure we deliver outstanding results for our clients every time.

site clearance with with Ahwi Mulcher and excavator
Specialist excavator and forestry mulcher working together for maximum efficiency