Air Curtain Burners

  • Minimal Smoke and Emission
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Incineration of Invasive Weeds
  • Ideal for Contaminated Material
Air burners mobile incinerator

Our complete Air Burner hire service, includes operator training, transport to and from site, provision of loading equipment and skilled operators (if required) and assistance with technical aspects of operation.

Air burners incinerating wood waste
Air burner making short work of contaminated material

Air Curtain Burners produce virtually no smoke or particulates and can be used for burning most types of timber waste and debris such as stumps, whole timber, wood waste, forestry residue, demolition and waste stream timber. (Subject to Permit where required). They are particularly suitable for processing timber that is highly contaminated with objects that would damage other processing machines, such as metal, stone, concrete and wire and on sites where a low environmental impact is required.