Newt Fencing

  • Permanent Newt Fencing
  • Semi-Permanent Newt Fencing
  • Temporary Newt Fencing
  • Newt Pitfall Traps

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Newt Fencing

Kingwell’s Environmental team carry out a wide variety of wildlife fencing and have installed large distances of Great Crested Newt Fencing with pitfall traps installed at set distances. Kingwell Environmental can provide a range of mitigation packages which would involve the use of temporary Newt Fencing and semi-permanent Newt Fencing.  Our fencing is designed and installed to maximize trapping and surveying periods.  We are able to clear ground carefully and quickly to allow the robust installation of Newt fencing.  We can advise on the specification of Newt fencing and have based our own extensive specification on the Natural England Guidelines (Click Here>>).

We can provide the following types of Great crested newt fencing:

  • Permanent newt fencing
  • Semi permanent newt fencing
  • Temporary newt fencing

Only the best materials are used, typically a strong polythene membrane and quality stakes.  Working closely with our Ecologist through every step, we ensure that the membrane is correctly installed and is taught.

The installation of newt fencing can provide a suitable barrier to either keep Great crested newts (Triturus cristatus) off development sites, or where appropriate they can form an area from which the newts can be collected prior to any works.  The fencing can also be used to enclose a specific receptor area (that would be identified in specific amphibian surveys) whilst breeding populations and habitat are being established.

Installation of great crested newt fencing

Great crested newt fencing

Installation of Great Crested Newt fencing

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Having our own in house Ecologist has enabled Kingwell Holdings to carry out a wide variety of sensitive operations across the UK.

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