Excavator Mulcher Hire

  • Versatile Mulching Solutions
  • Whole Tree Mulching
  • Heavy Vegetation Mulching
  • Spot Mulching

Kingwell operate several types of excavator-based machines, that provide the ideal solution for your mulcher requirements, whatever your site type

These machines are specially modified by us, to operate with increased high-flow hydraulic circuits, to enable continuous operation in large and difficult material – without the usual problems of overheating and lack of flow, that are associated with running flail heads on hammer circuits. We also modify the base machine with fully-guarded ROPS and FOPS structures and forestry guarding to protect against flying objects and other site hazards. Finally, we modify the tracking system to full forestry specification, to enable use on harvesting sites where stumps are still present. All of our machines are also equipped with satellite tracking and full night-working lighting packs. Safety is further enhanced by additional fire suppression and large spill kits.

Excavator with swinging-hammer flail head.

This type of head is powered by the base machine hydraulics and has a smooth drum that carries swinging flails on shafts. These fold back into the drum when a hard object, such as concrete, is encountered. These heads are almost impervious to damage by foreign objects and will cope with wire, concrete and metal embedded in vegetation.
These types of head are generally only suitable for material up to 8 inch (200mm) diameter.

Excavator with fixed-knife mulcher head.

This type of head is known as a depth-control head, as the drum is made from a series of discs, that limit the depth of cut of the knife. This makes a very efficient cut and enables the head to cope with much larger material than it would normally be capable of, without the cut control.
These types of head will cope with standing material up to 12 inch (300mm) diameter and surface material, but surface mulching must be largely contamination free.

Excavator with fixed-tool Carbide mulcher head.

This type of head is known as a hammer head. It uses heavy tools, that have Carbide cutting edges and is used for heavy mulching work that involves soil and stone, as well as standing trees and vegetation.
These types of head will cope with standing material up to 12 inch (300mm) diameter and surface material, including soil and rocky ground, but not metal contamination.

Swinging hammer flail head
Swinging-Hammer flail head
fixed knife mulcher head
Fixed-Knife mulcher head
fixed tool carbide mulcher head
Fixed-Tool Carbide mulcher head

Excavator mulcher with power-pack second engine.

The DCR and Carbide hammer systems are available on our power-pack equipped excavators. These have a second 220hp engine, that only powers the cutting head. This gives a total machine power of over 400hp and gives unrivalled mulching power. These machines are capable of working continuously, in extreme conditions and will clear large areas of big trees and vegetation per day and can easily cope with material up to 18” (460mm) diameter.

excavator mulcher with power pack second engine
Excavator mulcher with power-pack second engine