Biomass Baler 

  • Many types of trees and vegetation can be baled into a viable product
  • The bales remain a viable energy source for up to 18 months (depending on material)
  • Stored bales increase in calorific value the longer they are stored
Biomass Baling

Bales  are very cheap to transport as they can be transported on flat trailers

Material can be collected baled or bundled and removed offsite using standard timber handling equipment forwarders

Our John Deere 1490D biomass baler machine will bale whole trees, harvesting residues, scrub and low-grade vegetation, into 3m long, 60cm diameter biomass bales, weighing between 400kg and 700kg (depending on the material), ready for roadside storage or chipping.

This offers an alternative means of storing energy at the point of production without having to worry about typical issues of wood chip storage such as self combustion of stockpiles, composting of stockpiles additional equipment required to load lorries and a residual amount of waste left on site. Bales can also be typically between 16 and 22% moisture

The baler is also quiet and very low fuel use compared to chipping. The machine is very low ground pressure suitable for many different sites including sites with wildlife or ecology constraints

Bales can also be used for temporary forest roading. Environmental uses include drain blocking, silt reduction, and wildlife habitat creation.

The John Deere 1490D in action
The John Deere 1490D in action