Air Curtain Incinerator Hire

  • High-Capacity Mobile Incinerators
  • Easily transported by 8-wheel hook-lift truck.
  • Ideal for waste timber, vegetation or invasive species work
  • Ideal For Mobile Site Work

The Answer to Portable On-Site Incineration

This high-capacity machine is designed for aggressive demolition, forestry and waste-industry applications. The large burning chamber minimises the need to reduce material sizes, prior to burning and the ultra-durable construction ensures a long and productive working life, that will maximise returns and minimise maintenance for the operator.

Equipped with the latest air/oil cooled Hatz diesel engines, the highest-quality components and ceramic lining, these burners require minimal maintenance and repair and have extremely efficient fuel consumption.

Designed to be portable on standard 8-wheel hook-lift trucks (with optional transport frame) and with many anti-vandal and security features, these machines are ideal for mobile site work.

Always obtain permitting advice, before using

Air Curtain Burner (1549)
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