Air Burners – Nationwide Sale & Hire

  • Minimal Smoke and Emission
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Incineration of Invasive Weeds
  • Ideal for Contaminated Material
Air burners mobile incinerator

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UK wide Air Burners Sale & Hire

Our complete hire service of air burners across the UK includes operator training, transport to and from site, provision of loading equipment and skilled operators if required. We also offer assistance with technical aspects of operation.

The benefits of using one of our Air Burners are listed below:

Destroying wood waste with minimal smoke and emissions.

These machines have a very low environmental impact. Volume reduction of material decreases the impact on landfill and local infrastructure by removing the need to transport material off-site. This process produces far less dust, noise, vibration and engine emissions than when other mechanical processing methods are used.

Air Burners have a 98% volume reduction rate; so 100 tons of wood waste will reduce to approximately 2 tons of inert ash that can be easily incorporated into the soil on site with no harmful effects or removed to tip.Throughput rates of maximum 950kg per hour can be expected, depending on machine type and material density.

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Air burners incinerating wood waste
Air burner making short work of contaminated material

Air Curtain Burners produce virtually no smoke or particulates and can be used for burning most types of timber waste and debris such as stumps, whole timber, wood waste, forestry residue, demolition and waste stream timber. (Subject to Permit where required). They are particularly suitable for processing timber that is highly contaminated with objects that would damage other processing machines, such as metal, stone, concrete and wire and on sites where a low environmental impact is required.

Currently, these types of site are very expensive to clear and can result in expensive tipping charges. With an Air Burner there is virtually nothing to remove from site. Wood waste is reduced by approximately 98% in volume to a fine inert ash. Metal and other contaminants can then easily be removed for recycling and the remaining material mixed in to the site soils or removed. They are also extremely quiet and virtually dust-free when operating.

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION. Click here for >> pdf
High velocity air is directed across and downwards at an angle into a fire-box creating the air curtain, or “lid” across the top of the fire and a rotational turbulence within. The rotational turbulence provides a super oxygen-enriched environment within the combustion area and accelerates the combustion process by raising the temperatures inside to approximately 1,832 degrees F (approx. 1,000 degrees C). This is many times hotter than a conventional open fire. The high velocity air curtain across the top traps unburned particulate and smoke inside, until it is almost completely consumed. The end result achieves nearly 100% combustion with minimal escaped particulate and smoke.
1 = High-pressure air manifold.aircurtain
2 = Air curtain deflects off the wall of firebox and seals the fire completely with a “lid” that traps smoke, embers and emissions. This is only briefly broken as material is dropped through it.
3 = Material burns at very high temperatures due to the forced air induction and destroys smoke and embers trapped under the “lid”.
4 = The air curtain keeps fire sealed and super-oxygenated with a high pressure continuous supply.
5 = Air supply rotates in the chamber and agitates the fire to completely destroy the burning material.



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